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It’s best to call your representatives, you will most likely leave your message with a staff member.

Use your words, keeping it short and to the point. Writing out what your going to say ahead of time can help.

Here is an example of what you might say:

Hello, my name is “_______” and I live in (city.) I understand that (name your state) has a strict policy against animal abuse. However it has been brought to my attention that the animal abuse laws of this state exempt the use of dogs in hunting wild hogs. This practice inhumane for both the dogs and hogs. There are many other ways to take care of the hog overpopulation, rather than hunters using dogs. It’s akin to animal fighting without a ring and is simply barbaric in today’s modern times. I and others would like to see new legislation to resolve this exemption before your next election, when we determine whether our vote should be for you or another candidate.Thank you for your time.

You can then direct them to this website for more information: