Dangers to Hunting Dogs

The history of using dogs to hunt goes back hundreds of years. However, while dogs have long been part of the hunt, there is no need to put dogs in physical danger by training them to chase, corner and attack large wild game. It is not “natural” for wild dogs to attempt to attack large game, unless the pack is starving.

These Terms of Use Help Explain The Dangers to Hunting Dogs: 

Bay Dog(s): They’re released first to chase a boar down, tire them out and corner them. They then “bay” or bark to alert hunters of their location, while “catch” dogs attack and hold the hog in place. Bay dogs need to be fast, (kept thin to run quickly,) be silent during the search (a dog is taught to be quite one of two ways, dog treats or punishment.) They also must be aggressive and not afraid of a animals 3 times its size (most dogs are taught aggression by experiencing aggression.)

Sugar's Hope - Dangers to Hunting Dogs

Catch Dog(s): Once the bay dog(s) has cornered the hog, they will bay/bark and then the catch dog(s) attack the hog attempting to bring it to the ground. They do this by pouncing on the hog and seizing it behind the ear in order to control and hold it down. They continue to attack and hold until the hunter(s) arrives to kill it with a knife or spear. It usually is a slow and prolonged death. Guns are only allowed in certain States/Counties.

Dog Vest: A padded thin style fabric covering for a dogs upper body and they come in all types.There are visibility vests, ideal for night hunting, winter vests, that will minimize the ill effects of cold weather, Kevlar vests, that will protect during close fights with wild hogs, flotation vests, for when creeks or streams are part of the hunting ground, and more. They are very costly, the quality ones can run between $100-$200 per vest. Most hog dog hunters have many dogs, and many DON’T vest their dogs.

Sugar's Hope - Dangers to Hunting Dogs

Paw Boots: Often made of sturdy and water-resistant material, these can help a dog avoid paw injury while running around on various types of rough terrain.

Tail Protectors: Designed so the hogs can’t bite their tails or rip it off.

Neck Protectors: Crucial during skirmishes with wild boars, because if a dog is holding a hogs ear, their neck is the closest to the boar’s tusk to jab or bit the dog.

Boar Tusk: These are large teeth that grow in a curve, protruding out of mouth of the hog. They’re razor sharp, boars grind tusks to sharpen them (both males and females have tusks.) Boars use their phenomenal neck and shoulder strength to push and hook their opponents with their tusks. They act as daggers, stabbing and slashing their rivals with every blow. These actions are intense and the hog can exert enormous amounts of pressure and torque to hurt or kill the dog(s).

Sugar's Hope - Dangers to Hunting Dogs

Catch & Release:  This is often done in fishing. Many people who fish, throw the smaller fish back into the water in order for them to grow bigger and produce more offspring, so there’s more fish to catch later on.  This is also what wild hog hunters do. They don’t tend to kill the smaller hogs or the babies or the sows if they are nursing. This keeps the population thriving for hunting. This practice sheds light on the fact that the sole purpose is for the hunt, not just to solve a problem of wild boars ruining the land or overpopulation.

Sugar's Hope - Dangers to Hunting Dogs

Unfortunately there are many hog dog owners DON’T treat their dogs well and allow them to fight the hogs for fun and entertainment. Many dogs get seriously hurt. Many don’t receive proper medical treatment, are not registered, and given substandard living conditions. Many hog dogs suffer from malnutrition, taught to be aggressive and are either chained or live in a box 24/7, until let out for the hunt.

Many hog dog hunters treat it like a blood sport. They hunt for the thrill of watching animals fight and the kill. Some landowners promote and sell this hunting experience on their land as a form of entertainment.

Most state have no laws when it comes to hunting hogs, it’s simple a free for all.  They suffer from an overpopulation of hogs and need help to reduce the numbers. Therefore, no licence is required, no tags, no limit on how many you can catch. Basically no rules. They can use dogs, hunt day or night, do whatever they want. It is 2017, not 1817.

In most states, it’s illegal to cause a dog to fight another dog, or a pig in an enclosure, but it is perfectly legal to use dogs to chase and viciously attack a pig in the wild. Simply stated, the laws are illogical. Laws need to be established to stop this abuse.